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Coffee certified organic by a third party lab free of mold and pesticide residue found in the large commercially produced coffees resulting in the taste of a premium clean coffee made from the top 3% of specialty grade coffee beans in the world.
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                            WHAT MAKES FANTZY PLANTS DIFFERENT?
Offers the highest quality live houseplants, grown in SW Florida, and shipped
nationwide! Best selection of air purifying plants, gifts and more. A small business
supporting the podcast and offering an outstanding level of service and attention
to detail.  RATED 5 STARS BY GOOGLE.  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35
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Selling freeze-dried iconic, nostalgic favorite candy items such as Skittles,Bit-o-Honey &
Later as well as gourmet flavors like Sweet Dill Pickle, Shaved Ice, Root Beer Float, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Muffin, Chicken & Waffle and many more. More new items coming such as freeze dried ice cream
Freeze dried candy is a lightly crunch, air puffy version of the original candy. The flavor becomes more intense and the candy bites melt in your mouth! Loved by kids and adults.
This is a great alternative for those with dentures, braces or other dental work, as well.
People who may no longer be able to enjoy the hard or sticky candies will LOVE  freeze dried candy.
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                       WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA!!
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FUNKY CHUNKY is not only the most decadent indulgent popcorn treat out there, but
the company also guarantees your satisfaction. What do you have to lose?
The amazing flavors are based on the best caramel corn we could find, mixed with 
nuts and other little treat, and finally drizzled with heaps of chocolate-y and caramel 
drizzle.  That mix of flavors and high-quality ingredients is what makes it funk, but then it is broken up into chunks rather than individual pieces to help you get more into your mouth.  Oh, and don't forget our Pretzels!!
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